Sims WooHoo spots – Our 19 favorite places to love our fellow Sim

Let’s get it on

The Sims series has come a long way since the tame days of the first game in the series. Those no-fun prudes would barely go near each other unless it involved making a baby. Things loosened up when the concept of WooHooing was introduced in The Sims 2, and with The Sims 3 and its six expansions, Sims are presented with over a dozen zany places to get it on. We’ve already told you how a Sim could be in the Top 7 game characters we (seriously) fell in love with, so let’s show you how we can fall in lust with them, too…

The Bed

How to get it on: When getting romantic with a partner, the bed of the Sim in control is the default location for WooHoo, as long as its a double bed. Once the dialogue option comes up (after much kissing and flirting), choose WooHoo and watch how quickly they make a beeline for the bedroom.

Why its great: The bed is a classic place for romance, dating back to the ability to play in bed in The Sims: Livin Large. Much has changed since the Vibromatic Heart Bed days of yore, but the bed remains a prime doin it spot. Some might say that its a totally vanilla WooHoo location, but it has its advantages. For one thing, its comfortable; for another, its also really convenient for that post-WooHoo nap.

Military Base

How to get it on: Tour the local military base with a romantic partner. Once inside, click on the building for the option to appear.

Why its great: Even though you cant actually see the military base WooHoo taking place, the implications are great. Nothing says respecting the military like sneaking off during a tour for a little hanky panky. And theres always a chance your Sims might get busted and thrown out onto the street, with your Sims nudity exposed in all its pixilated glory. But hey, thats part of the excitement, right?

Science Lab

How to get it on: Just like the military base, WooHooing in this rabbit hole requires two lovers to tour it together.

Why its great: The thrill of WooHooing in public can provide huge mood boosts to your Sims, provided they dont get caught. The science lab, most known for its willingness to experiment on local Sims dead and alive, makes an unlikely spot for romance, but maybe your Sims get turned on by potions and beakers. And its about time those brainy scientists saw some action.

Movie Theater

How to get it on: Have two involved Sims go on a date to the local movie theater. Once inside, the option to WooHoo should appear when you click on the theater.

Why its great: Hey, weve all been there. Youre on a date, the movie is boring, so you find other ways to occupy your time in the theater. Its already dark, so the mood is set, and compared to some of the other wild places your Sims have been getting it on around town, the theater is downright tame. But that doesnt mean its not a perfectly good WooHoo spot, so go ahead and catch a show.

City Hall

How to get it on: Just like the previous rabbit hole locations, WooHooing in the City Hall requires two lovebirds taking a tour, and selecting the WooHoo option once its underway.

Why its great: While your Sims may live in relative peace, that doesnt mean theyre not subjected to their own political scandals. And whats more scandalous than sneaking away during a tour of City Hall to WooHoo with a partner? Bonus points if one of the lovers is the Leader of the Free World. Youre really going to need to max out your charisma skill if you want to talk your way out of that one.

In a Tent (The Sims 3: World Adventures expansion)

How to get it on: Camping out with a partner? Once youve maxed out your romantic relationship with a nearby Sim, click on the tent and the option to WooHoo will appear. Enjoy!

Why its great: The Sims 3: World Adventures added exotic locales, mysterious tombs, and compelling adventures to the game, but lets be real: the best part was having another spot in which to WooHoo. The tent offers some of the convenience of the bed – namely, a place to pass out afterwards – but since you can carry it in your personal inventory, it means your Sims are ready to go anywhere, anytime. Taking your hot date to the beach? Pitch a tent and WooHoo it up. Frightened by a mummy encounter while tomb raiding? Console your partner with a tent-rocking romp. The options are endless!

A Sarcophagus (The Sims 3: World Adventures expansion)

How to get it on: If WooHooing in a tent just isnt exotic enough for you, the sarcophagus, also from World Adventures, gives you yet another choice. Whether its in a tomb or in your house, all you have to do is click on it when your romantic interest is nearby and the WooHoo choice will appear.

Why its great: Not that we know from personal experience or anything, but it cant possibly be comfortable in there. But maybe thats why its so awesome – the idea of two Sims so desperate to WooHoo they dont care where they get it on, as long as they can find a place to be alone. Just check for mummies before you go in there. Otherwise, you know, awkward.

Time Machine (The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion)

How to get it on: This is one of the toughest WooHoo spots just because of what youll have to go through to get it. You need a Sim with a high inventing skill; just make your inventor Sim continuously invent new products until the Time Machine appears as a result of his or her hard work. The rest is easy, provided you have two romantically involved Sims nearby: just click on the Time Machine, choose WooHoo, and watch the magic (or, rather, science) happen.

Why its great: Why isnt it great? First of all, WooHooing in a Time Machine means your Sims can time travel, and thats awesome. Secondly, theres always a chance that youll WooHoo your way into the Jurassic era or something. And can you think of a bigger turn-on than carnivorous dinosaurs? Okay, maybe youd be better off WooHooing in the future. Either way, youll have something to brag about to your friends the next day.

Elevator (The Sims 3: Late Night expansion pack)

How to get it on: If youre in a high-rise building and have two romantically involved Sims in the vicinity, the WooHoo option will appear when you click on the elevator.

Why its great: The elevator gives Sims a way to live it up when theyre going down. Not only does it offer the convenience factor of getting from one floor to another without having to take the stairs, it has the added bonus of being a totally sexy WooHoo spot. And since many of Bridgeports buildings are high rises, there are lots of opportunities to get it on while en route to a club or bar – though other Sims might get annoyed at the elevator hold-up.

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