Square Enix launches community development project that lets fans play some new games early

Square Enix has launched a new community project called Live Interactive Works Game Development Crew, allowing fans to try and then give feedback on upcoming games while they’re still in development. 

As Gematsu (opens in new tab)reports, the developer is currently looking for influencers with more than 3,000 subscribers on YouTube or Twitch, though the plan is to broaden that remit as games get further into development. 

“Your opinions will be reflected in the game, and you will be able to see how the game is being improved based on your inputs,” Square Enix says. “ In addition, the development meetings can be freely broadcast on video or other media. We aim to create a new form of game development where people can experience real development and communicate it to the world.”

If you manage to get in, the first in-development project you can try is an online multiplayer competitive game called Project Gluttony. Square Enix bills this one as a “panic movie turned into a game” that recreates the battles between monsters and their prey. 

It’s sweeter than that aesthetically, though, with Square Enix describing each monster as cute with “egregious behaviour”. While the graphics are still a work in progress, you can see what the developer is going for. 

If you’d like to apply to join the program, you should find everything you need on Twitter (opens in new tab)

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