Sims/Hangover mashup beats inevitable Hangover 3 into existence

The Hangover and The Sims, in one place? Now you’ve (one assumes) seen everything! But the combination makes sense. Both The Hangover and The Sims have a strong emphasis on wacky physical hijinks; both feature an admirable economy of dialogue (the games by stylistic choice, the movies because it’s hard to record in a strip club). Girls love The Sims; The Hangover is made for people whose balls are dropping right there in the theatre; Hangover 2 just made a lot of money, whereas there’s a new Sims expansion you might not know about… only one thing for it. Time for a trailer mashup!

And so here we have a parody video imagining a Hangover 3 set in the suburban paradise that is the Sims’ milieu of choice. You’ll note that while the clip’s wax-faced doll-men may lack the rugged dreaminess of the real Bradley Cooper or Zach Galifianakis’ visible unshaven stench, the facsimiles are otherwise pretty credible – and while the bizarre Tyson cameo may be several layers too many of convoluted in-jokery, other videogame/movie shout-outs are a little less on the nose. The movie was made with elements of the latest Sims 3 expansion, Generations, which adds strippers and a daycare profession (neither of which were particularly hard to shoehorn in). What do you think?

Jun 1, 2011

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