First full Captain America trailer

captain america

The first full trailer for Captain America: First Avenger has blasted online.

Steadily setting up the mood for the comic book adap, it starts out like a heartfelt war drama about a hapless wannabe soldier – then pumps the screen full of lead.

Chris Evans stars as Steve Rogers, born during the Great Depression and desperate to be a soldier despite his frail disposition.

When he is enlisted in a top secret experiment known as Operation: Rebirth, he finds himself transformed into a super-soldier called Captain America.

Check out the trailer below…

For those concerned that Joe Johnston’s Captain America was going to be anything less than spectacular, this first trailer well and truly puts those fears to bed.

From the seamless CGI of a weak, pre-serum Chris Evans right up to the spinning shield and Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, it’s a fantastic introduction to the movie. We’re jittery with anticipation.

Captain America: First Avenger opens 29 July.

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