Duke Nukem Forever delayed until June, we call shenanigans

Gearbox Software has delayed Duke Nukem Forever by over a month. Typical, right? A little too typical, we suspect. After all, delaying the most delayed game in all of gamedom is almost too much of a coincidence. And after watching the studio’s tongue-in-cheek delay announcement video (complete with its own delay slogan and props, no less), we’re guessing this is one Duke push-back that was planned all along.

It’s possiblethis is a genuine delay, in which case this ishilariouslyironic and Gearbox is just really adept at damage control. It’s also possible I completely misused the word ironic, but hey, when in Rome…

The new launch date (for those who skipped the video) is June 14th for North America and June 10th internationally.

Mar 24, 2011

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