GamesRadar UK Podcast 012 – Dragon bumming

Are you ready to get your ears around another intangibly sexy episode of the GRUK Podcast? Are you ready to be mesmerized and discombobulated by the floundering and only partially coherent game-related ramblings of three men in a room? Are you ready for dragon bumming? If you answered ‘YES!’ to all or some or even none of those questions then you are ready enough – click the ‘Click to hear us now!’ black banner below and you will be instantly transported to a magical world of eartertainment.

The games we’re giving away on the podcast this week are: NHL 2K6 (360) and Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble (DS). Very stunning prizes. To be in with a chance of winning them, listen out for the question at the start of the podcast and leave your answer in the comments on this very page. Best answer wins. Although the best answer might be the worst answer. If you know what we mean.

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