Space: 2099 Producer Speaks

Space: 2099 is being developed by Jace Hall with ITV, which owns the rights to Space: 1999 . Hall promises a more “hands-on” approach on his new project than with V . “We have a close, trusting and supportive relationship with ITV and we share a mutual vision. While I am the creative lead on this project, I consider myself to be part of an overall team of dedicated people comprised of HDFILMS, ITV and the amazingly supportive Space: 1999 fanbase.

“What we’re working on is a ‘re-imagining’, not a ‘re-telling’ so everything is on the table in terms of what we’re able to consider,” continues Hall. “We’re interested in creating something of high quality, and that takes time. The good news is that when I say ‘we’ it is inclusive of everyone involved. There is no pressure or rush, just a clear and universal desire on everyone’s part to do this right and make it work, including ITV. Over the next few months we’ll be revealing more information!”

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