Game Of Thrones Art Challenge

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Could you create a Game Of Thrones tarot card?

Is Tyrion the Fool?

Is Daenerys the Queen of Swords?

Is the Eyrie the Tower?

Time for another art challenge. Our last two – the Whedon Genderbending challenge and the Doctor Who Zombie challenge – produced some cracking results (fee free to click back and browse) – and this time we expect more jawdropping works of art. Because you lot are geniuses.

Inspiring us this time is the brilliant Game Of Thrones , which is currently airing its second season in the UK on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic . This time we want to create some really eye-catching tarot cards featuring whatever character or characters (or even locations or props) you feel best represent that card.

• We don’t want a full set. One card will be enough, though if you want to submit more, feel free

• We don’t want you to just plonk a photo on tarot card like we have. That’s not much of a challenge. We’re looking for ART!

• If you don’t know all the cards, use this site for reference and inspiration (or even to buy your own pack)

• You can produce your images the old fashioned way on paper, or you can produce them digitally, but if you are using the traditional paper and paint method we’ll need you to scan it in, please, because we’re only accepting entries digitally

• Please keep to the ratio 200×315 (card-shaped). You’re entry can be larger, but it has to remain in that ratio. So, for example, all the following are acceptable: 300×473, 400×630, 500×788, 1,000×1,575. All standard image file types should be okay.

• Email entries to

• Closing date: 30 April

• There will be a prize, we just don’t know what it is yet (and it won’t be massive)! And we’ll publish the best entries on this very site. Or maybe we’ll publish them all and get you to vote. We haven’t decided yet. Whatever feels like more fun at the time.

Get scribbling NOW!

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