Why 1996 is the best year in games

1996 is the year that video games were entrenched as the future of entertainment. Perhaps it is difficult to appreciate that now, looking back two and a half decades later, from a period of time where visual fidelity has begun to tip perilously into the uncanny valley. The truth is, …

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Marvel contracts: how long does each actor have left in the MCU?

Marvel contracts are always hotly-debated. Knowing when certain Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) stars could be leaving their characters behind can often clue us in on future plans at Marvel Studios. Conversely, signing on the dotted line could also factor in to future spin-offs and unexpected team-ups, as has been the …

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Which is the best Christmas movie?

Set fire to some chestnuts and prepare for a big man in red to stage a home invasion, because it is absolutely Christmas time. It might be the season of giving, but it’s also the season of staying indoors, not changing out of your pajamas for three days and watching …

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