New cast member spotted on The Dark Knight Rises set

The Dark Knight Rises is well into production, and eager news vultures are leaping on any scraps they can glean from from the set.

Thankfully, this time the spoils are quite meaty…


Last night HitFix scooped that none other than Liam Neeson has been spotted on set filming a scene.

Neeson played Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins , acting as a mentor to Bruce Wayne as he became Batman.

Though he apparently died at the end of Begins , in the comics Ra’s Al Ghul is able to regenerate, and there have been rumours since Rises was announced the he would reappear for the final part of Nolan’s trilogy.

Josh Pence has been cast as a young Ra’s Al Ghul for Rises , leading to suggestions that the character would appear only in flashbacks to his youth.

Though with this sighting confirming the return of Ra’s Al Ghul, it could mean Pence is in fact playing a regenerated Al Ghul in the modern day.

Let the news vultures feed…

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