What if life gave 1000 Achievement points?

Your life is a video game

Living is the weirdest thing you’ll ever do. You’ll plop out of your mother, cry for a few years, wander around feeling feelings for a few years, cry for a few more years, and then repeat that same process until you die. It’s strange. But just because it’s confusing and sometimes horrible, there are many things you’ll do in life that are worth celebrating. Many achievements worth… pointing out.

Which is why we’ve decided to turn life into a game. Some gamers act as though their Gamerscore is reflective of how accomplished they are as gamers, but now you can see how much you’ve Achieved as a person with this simple test. Here’s what life would be like if it was broken into 1,000 Achievement Points, just like a video game–be sure to let us know what your IRL Gamerscore is in the comments below!

1G – You’re off to a good start

Successfully survive being born.

25G – Ding!

Celebrate your first birthday.

5G – Use them legs

Crawling is for rookies, the real success is in this new “walking” thing you’ve invented.

10G – Soliloquize

You’ve said your first words. Time to learn profanity.


No more diapers for you! You’re potty trained.

7G – I want to ride my…

Learn to ride a bike–you only need to do this once!

3G – Why do we fall, Mr. Wayne?

Fall off your bike, and get back on.

10G – The first day of your life

Start school. Yeah, you need to do this for at least ten more years. Sucks to be you.

5G – That’s why pencils have erasers

Fail a test in school.

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