Fortnite PvE survival mode Daybreak referenced in latest patch

Fortnite‘s latest patch added files referencing a new limited-time PvE survival mode called Daybreak, reports Eurogamer (opens in new tab).

Files datamined from today’s 16.40 patch aren’t the first to reference an “open world simulation sandbox.” Noted Fortnite leaker Hypex recently tweeted out what seem to be images of the new map and some of the props on the island. Leaked documents from the Apple vs Epic trial seemingly connect the images with the upcoming Daybreak mode.

According to Epic Games’ Stipulated Exhibits Documents, the map that i tweeted about a week ago is apparently for an Open World Simulation Sandbox Mode! 3, 2021

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A reportedly leaked description of Daybreak reads like a fairly standard multiplayer survival game with limited resources and hostile NPCs, of course with the Fortnite twist that you’re trapped inside a massive, ever-tightening storm. The goal seems to be to collect parts for a downed helicopter and escape the island before the storm takes over.

“You wake up alone and unarmed along the coast of an island, with no memory of how you arrived,” the description reads. “Quickly search for weapons and ammunition before night falls and creatures begin to roam the hillsides, hunting for prey. Keep an eye out for other stranded people, [as] they may prove to be invaluable allies in your fight to stay alive on the increasingly hostile island.”

Epic has yet to confirm Daybreak itself, but it sounds like Daybreak will include PvP and PvE elements. Both Hypex and another Fortnite leaker, Sizzy, have released images of a new umbrella reward players can earn for getting through Daybreak.

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