Tucker & Dale director reveals sequel idea

During a chat with What Culture! , Tucker & Dale director Eli Craig discussed his plans for a potential sequel.

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil was tons of fun, centring on two misunderstood ‘hillbillies’ who are mistaken for violent killers in the stereotypical Hollywood cliché mould by a bunch of holidaying college students.

Craig said that he would be keen on turning the tables for a sequel called Tucker & Dale Go To Yale , depending on the first movie’s final profit margins.

He told What Culture! , “It’s hard to tell how well it’s done yet on VOD [ Video On Demand ] but it’s doing pretty well, and if it does a little bit better in theaters then I would be psyched to do another version of this. We have a treatment for Tucker & Dale Go To Yale .”

“For us, it’s like a Dusk Till Dawn -type thing, where there’s all these sort of demented people in college that Tucker and Dale have to figure out how to survive.”

In a statement that’ll come as something of a relief to fans, Craig said that his stars would return, “Barring scheduling conflicts, because they have very industrious careers, [ Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine ] are on board.

“These guys have been huge supporters of the film, they love the film, they love the characters, and they’re the ones who have been encouraging me to do the sequel, so I know that I have Alan and Tyler on board and hopefully I’ll have Katrina [ Bowden ] for some of it as well.”

It sounds a lot more fun and inventive than your run-of-the-mill cash-in sequel, so if you wan’t to see it, make sure you go out and rent, buy or (legally) download the first movie!

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