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Sure, you may have beaten Diablo and maybe you’re sitting on a pile of loot big enough to make a dragon blush. But in Diablo III that’s only half the battle (actually, a quarter of the battle, to be exact). You’ll have to go beyond normal mode and conquer three more difficulties: Nightmare, Hell and Inferno, to really secure Diablo III bragging rights. We’ve spent some pretty late nights playing each class to give you the best level 30 spells and runes to get you through the horrors of Nightmare.

We’ve given you three builds a piece representing what we think are the best specs to play through the game solo, with a group or to beat bosses.

We used Elective Mode to switch up the spells on our toolbar. If you don’t know what Elective Mode is, check out our Diablo III Beginner’s Guide, which is brimming with helpful hints for noobs and veteran Diabloites alike.

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