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GamesRadar prides itself on having the best, most updated “Best Lists” on the web, running through the must-play games on every console under the sun. If you’re looking for a game to play on your recent handheld purchase, a run-down of the titles released for a system you haven’t bought yet, or fodder to tell your friends that they’re wrong for thinking a game they like is better than one you like, you’ve come to the right place.

Living List

Are you looking for the best games to play right now? Like, you literally want to read a list for a current-gen gaming platform to help you decide which game to buy? In that case, you’re looking for GamesRadar’s Living Lists.

We have one for every current game console–it doesn’t matter if you’re a Nintendo fan, a Microsoft zealot, a Sony aficionado, or a member of the PC master race; we’ve got you covered. Living Lists include the 25 best games for currently running systems, and, as the name suggests, they’re living and changing as new things come out. When new games release we’ll assess whether or not they deserve to be included, and place them accordingly.

Current Living Lists:

Best Xbox One games | Best PS4 games
Best PC games | Best Wii U games
Best 3DS games | Best Vita games
Best games ever

Legacy List

All good things must end, and game consoles are no different. Eventually developers move on, and focus on new hardware instead of continuing to develop for the old ones. For those consoles we write Legacy Lists–these lists run through the 50 best games to ever release on that systems, listing off the biggest and best releases.

These systems, for the most part, are without new releases, so we don’t expect to update them again. If big, new games do come out we’ll certainly consider adding them, but once we write a Legacy List for a console we’re assuming that its best years have passed, and it’s time to get nostalgic and retrospective.

Current Legacy Lists:

Best NES games | Best SNES games
Best N64 games | Best GameCube games
Best Wii games | Best Game Boy games
Best Game Boy Advance games | Best Nintendo DS games
Best Xbox games | Best Xbox 360 games
Best PlayStation games | Best PS2 games
Best PS3 games | Best PSP games
Best Genesis games | Best Master System games
Best Saturn games | Best Dreamcast games | Best Game Gear games

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