Fortnite Quests in Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite quests not only provide you with a variety of tasks to take on when you don’t want to solely focus on a Victory Royale, but they are also an excellent source of XP to boost you through the battle pass ranks and unlock some sweet reward items. The Week 6 quests have arrived, and these utilize a lot of the systems already introduced so you should already have a head start if you’ve been gathering reality seeds, trying out the recently added Hammer Assault Rifle, or generally whizzing around the island using Ballers and Grapple Gloves. Some of these assignments are more involved than others, but we’ve got them all covered here to guide you through their requirements.

The process of completing quests is also easier now that Fortnite characters are no longer responsible for handing out these assignments, so all you need to do to find them is look under their relevant sections of the Quests menu. This does mean that you can’t blast through them all in Fortnite to rush your way up the ranks, but the flip side to that is receiving a regular feed of jobs instead to keep your momentum going during the course of the season. Here’s everything we know about the latest Fortnite quests up to and including Week 6.

Fortnite Quests – Weekly

Fortnite Quests Chapter 3 Season 3

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Season quests have been rebranded as Fortnite Weekly quests because, well, new assignments are added every seven days. Helpfully these quests don’t expire, so you’re not facing a time pressure to get through them quickly. These are the Fortnite quests in this category revealed so far at the time of writing:

Zero Week

  • Collect a Hammer Assault Rifle and a Two-Shot Shotgun in a single match (2)
  • Interact with Sunbird or Moon Hawk and Rustler in a single match (2)
  • Jump on a Fortnite Wolf or Boar’s back in different matches (2)
  • Plant or Summon Reality Saplings using Fortnite Reality Seeds (3)
  • Survive Storm Phases (10)
  • Travel 2000 meters in a Fortnite Baller (2,000)
  • Visit Fortnite Groovy Grove, Reality Falls, and Rave Cave (3)

Week 1

  • Collect Reality Seeds (3)
  • Damage opponents with a DMR (200)
  • Dance at different Fortnite crashed IO Airships (3)
  • Gain shields by bouncing on Slurp Bouncer mushrooms (10)
  • Mod a Whiplash with Off-Road tires and a Cow Catcher, then destroy Structures (50)
  • Search chests at Condo Canyon or Tilted Towers (5)
  • Visit the Fortnite Zero Point in a motorboat (1)

Week 2

Week 3

  • Damage opponents within 30 seconds of getting out of the water (75)
  • Dislodge or destroy Runaway Boulders with a Fortnite melee weapon (3)
  • Get 3 seconds of air time in a land vehicle (1)
  • Headbutt an opponent while riding a Boar (1)
  • Impulse an enemy player with a Shockwave Grenade (1)
  • Jump off Fortnite diving boards (3)
  • Reach max shields at one of the Fortnite Temples (1)

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

  • Break open Reality Seed Pods (3)
  • Land headshots from 40 or more meters with the Hammer Assault Rifle (5)
  • Purchase an Exotic weapon from a Character (1)
  • Use a Baller, a Fortnite zipline, and a geyser in a single match (3)
  • Use the Grapple Glove to catch a Zipline while airborne (1)
  • Pick a legendary or mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents with Rare or better Assault Rifles (1,000)

Fortnite Quests – Vibin’

Fortnite Quests Chapter 3 Season 3

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Vibin’ quests will be familiar if you worked through the Resistance quests last season, as these again provide a chronological set of tasks to run through a fresh storyline. These Fortnite quests will unlock over time, and those available to this point are:

Part 1

  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Collect food consumables for the party! (6)
  • Interact with party poppers in the Rave Cave (5)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Destroy objects at old IO Outposts (10)
  • Spray peace sprays on structures at old IO Outposts (3)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Collect a Reality Seed from a Reality Seed Pod (1)
  • Take a Reality Seed to 3 Named Locations (3)
  • Plant or transplant a Reality Seed (1)

Part 2

  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Scan the Reality Tree (1)
  • Scan the root between the Reality Tree and the Reality Bloom (1)
  • Scan the Reality Bloom (1)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Harvest Fruit from Reality Saplings (1)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Acquire Bushranger seed from mysterious bloom and bring it to the Reality Tree (1)
  • Bring Bushranger to Reality Tree (1)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Interact with Zero Point Scanning Devices (3)

Part 3

Part 4

  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Visit Beach Bash where the Sith Holocron washed up (1)
  • Investigate clues to the whereabouts of the Sith Holocron (3)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Collect an anomaly from both Logjam Lotus and Butter Bloom (2)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Collect a tracking device from Synapse Station (1)
  • Dumpster dive for fake relic materials (1)
  • Construct a fake relic at Sleepy Shrubs (1)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Locate where the Sith Holocron is being held in Rave Cave (1)
  • Pry open shipping boxes to find the Sith Holocron (2)

Part 5

  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Dig up dirt piles to find the Relic Shard (1)
  • Collect the Relic Shard (1)
  • Attune the Relic Shard (1)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Block the pipes to build pressure (3)
  • Unclog the main pipe to free the Relic Shard (1)
  • Collect the Relic Shard (1)
  • Attune the Relic Shard (1)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Align the three mirrors (3)
  • Collect the Relic Shard (1)
  • Attune the Relic Shard (1)
  • Establish Device Uplink (1)
  • Enter the main chamber at Shuffled Shrines (1)
  • Combine the Relic Shards in the main chamber (1)

Fortnite Quests – Snap

Fortnite Tover Tokens

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Snap quests involve searching to find Fortnite Tover Tokens, which in turn unlock style options for the Snap outfit once purchased in the Battle Pass, and we’ve got all of the token locations in our separate guide.

Fortnite Quests – Indiana Jones

Fortnite Indiana Jones

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Indiana Jones quests are available now, allowing you to get lots of Indy-themed cosmetics, including two outfits of the famous adventurer. However, you need to own the Battle Pass rewards for Season 3 to gain access to the quests, and you can check out our separate guide for all the quest specifics.

Fortnite Quests – Milestones

Fortnite Quests Chapter 3 Season 3

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Fortnite Milestones quests run for the course of the season, due to the high targets you’re required to hit. Each of these Fortnite quests has 20 stages, though thankfully each stage has the same target so they don’t get increasingly difficult as you progress. For example, Stage 1 of 20 Thank the Bus Driver starts at 0/10, but once you complete this it moves on to Stage 2 of 20 Thank the Bus Driver 10/20, so you only have to thank the driver 10 times for each stage, or 200 times in total.

With that in mind, here are all of the Fortnite Milestones quests with their target for each stage, and the total amount across all 20 stages:

  • Complete Bounties (5) > (100)
  • Damage Opponents (5,000) > (100,000)
  • Destroy Objects While in a Vehicle (200) > (4,000)
  • Eliminations (25) > (500)
  • Gain Shields (1,000) > (20,000)
  • Get Headshots (40) > (800)
  • Hit Weakpoints (125) > (2,500)
  • Open Cash Registers (25) > (500)
  • Outlast Opponents (750) > (15,000)
  • Pick Fruit from Reality Saplings (10) > (200)
  • Place Top 10 (15) > (300)
  • Reboot Teammates (5) > (100)
  • Restore Health (1,000) > (20,000)
  • Search Chests or Ammo Boxes (75) > (1,500)
  • Search Rare Chests (10) > (200)
  • Thank the Bus Driver (10) > (200)
  • Travel Distance in a Baller (5,000) > (100,000)
  • Travel Distance While Riding a Boar or Wolf (5,000) > (100,000)
  • Travel Distance While Sprinting (5,000) > (100,000)

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