Zelda: Breath of the Wild player uses electricity glitch to build a better Yiga trap

One The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player is living better through the modern miracle of electricity, though the Yiga Clan probably isn’t very happy about it.

Reddit user everwander uploaded a video of their gameplay, showing off “a literal Yiga trap.” The device is constructed from a single electrified weapon which chains its lightning into other metal weapons that are dropped nearby. This creates an impromptu electrical fence that the poor Yiga defenders are completely unprepared to address – they just walk right into it. At least the archers can still teleport out of danger; the poor swordsmasters can do nothing but stand around and bellow as they remain locked in an electric death spiral.

If you’re wondering why you never thought of this clutch defensive maneuver yourself, it’s probably because you’re not supposed to be able to do it. Lightning weapons are only electrified when you attack with them them, but as fellow Reddit user Mr_Noh explained (opens in new tab), they’ll remain that way indefinitely if you pause and drop them from the equipment screen mid-swing. Then you can use your glitched weapon as a portable generator for electrical inventions (read: deathtraps).

The fact that Breath of the Wild players are still coming up with clever new ways to use the game’s systems for things like this makes the wait for the sequel a little easier. Good thing, too, as Nintendo recently confirmed that it’s still not ready to share a release date for Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

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