Top 10 Screen Werewolves

Why does everything have to be about vampires? Werewolves have feelings too, says Sarah Collins

With the new season of Being Human starting soon, Wolfblood on CBBC , and the upcoming release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 , werewolves have definitely been on our minds here at SFX . Hey, you can even take part in a werewolf experience thanks to The furry fiends have been a staple of horror films since Werewolf Of London was released in 1935 (featuring the first werewolf to stand on two legs), so we thought it was high time we put together a list of top on-screen lycanthropes.

We toyed with the idea of including Dog Soldiers and Silver Bullet , but this is a list of werewolves – not our favourite werewolf films . So here’s your countdown of some of our favourite furry friends (and foes)…

Number 10
Name: Jacob Black
In: Twilight
Played by: Taylor Lautner
Born or bitten: Born

Jacob is a shape-shifter who transforms into a wolf (as opposed to the Children of the Moon, who change during the full moon, losing their rationality). Even though Twilight doesn’t classify him as a werewolf, for all intents and purposes he fits the bill.

He seems to have a better time of it than others, having most of the positives (being strong and fast, having the ability to change species) without possessing any of the negative qualities (painful transformations, tied to the full moon, loss of control). He was only supposed to be a small character, which is we see so little of him in the first film, but Stephanie Meyer liked him so much that she made him more prominent in the later titles.

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