Doctor Who Closing Time Final Viewing Figures

How much did the time-shift viewing add to the total this time?

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Another week, another hefty time-shift for Doctor Who . When the number of people who recorded the James Corden/Cybermen episode, “Closing Time” to watch later were added to the overnight figure, the final result came out as 6.93 million. That’s a 1.63 million timeshift up from the overnight of 5.3 million, and saw Doctor Who leapfrog over its competition for the evening, Family Fortunes , by around one million.

Roll on the final figures for “The Wedding Of River Song” now. With a string of time shift of around 1.5-1.6 million, it looks like a final figure of at least 7.7 million is likely. But could the “end of series” factor push it further? Is 8 million within the show’s grasp?

And let’s not forget, there’s always at least a million to add on in terms of iPlayer viewings each week.

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