Syndicate interview: Were adding a whole new beat to the rhythm of the shooter

“What you do isn’t elegant. It’s quite a violation to go inside someone’s head and basically fry their brain.”

When EA announced Syndicate as a first person shooter, fans of the original strategy games were understandably upset. But as we pointed out in our recent hands-on preview, and as Executive Producer Jeff Gamon explains in the interview below, this is no ordinary run-and-gunner. With the ability to hack into and change the programming of an enemy’s mind, instead of merely plugging their body full of bullets, the 2012 Syndicate is trying to preserve the sci-fi scheming – as well as the extreme, unforgiving brutality – that made the franchise a 1990s favorite.

Syndicate releases on 360, PS3 and PC next February 21 in the US and February 24 in Europe. Watch GamesRadar for continuing coverage – personally, we’re most looking forward to testing out the four-person co-op, as that number of squad members was particularly important in the original games.

Oct 4, 2011

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