The Weeks Best Movie Virals, Memes & Gifs – 22nd March 2013

This week’s rundown of the best movie virals, gifs and memes will be brought to you by corporately sponsored superheros, an amazing LEGO Star Trek trailer, and some pretty impressive pacifist photoshop work.

Oh, and a gif of Captain America (opens in new tab) attacking One Direction. Because that’s never not amusing.


It’s a universal truth that everything in life is better in LEGO.

In case you weren’t aware, we’d like to give you Exhibit A in the defence – a pretty brilliant revamp of the Star Trek Into Darkness (opens in new tab) trailer, by way of shiny, colourful building blocks.

A pretty hearty argument on the side of the side of the prosecution, though? This terrifying Lovecraftian monstrosity – the result of a face morph between a LEGO man and Nicolas Cage.

Someone, anyone, hold us.


From 007’s Heineken swilling to rampant Xbox placement in Paranormal Activity 4 (opens in new tab) , the reality is that whether you like it or not, product placement in movies is here to stay.

Which makes these skilfully photoshopped images as scary as they are realistic.

Batman – brought to you by Nike. Hulk – brought to you by Monster Energy Drink. Iron Man – brought to you by Maccy D’s.

Check out the full array of images here .


In case you haven’t already seen the gif/clip of One Direction’s Harry Style’s being hit in the netherregions by a flying shoe, then you’ve been missing out.

Equally as amusing, is this niftily edited gif of Captain America using his forearm flinging skills to maximum One Direction-demolishing effect.


We love a good action movie every now and again, but it’s still fascinating to see some of cinema’s most iconic images edited with this much hippy-loving joy.

Replace a gun with a thumb, and what do you get? Thumbs & Ammo (opens in new tab) .


Embrace your inner 80s child and marvel at the brilliance of an array of gifs, which repurpose classic films in an 8-bit stylee.

Our favourite’s below, but you can check out more here (opens in new tab) .


It’s not a weekly round-up of the internet’s most creative movie magic without a cleverly crafted sweded trailer.

This week, Pacific Rim (opens in new tab) . Engage giant monsters and lots of cardboard.

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