Watch an exclusive Oblivion featurette featuring Tom Cruise online now

Oblivion , the post-apocalyptic sci-fi starring Tom Cruise, features some unique spacecraft, and we’ve got an exclusive featurette on the ship piloted by Cruise’s character, Jack.

Dubbed the Bubbleship (for obvious reasons), the video shows how it was built practically, and modified to incorporate digital effects for the flying sequences.

As well as providing insight on the tech and design side of the creation, we also see Tom Cruise’s thoughts on the Bubbleship before he hops aboard with Olga Kurylenko to be spun about every which way.

Watch the exclusive featurette below:

Oblivion sees Cruise’s drone repairman, helping to salvage Earth’s resources after a decades-long battle against ‘the Scavs’. He lives a pretty workaday existence, servicing the virtually abandoned planet, until he crosses paths with Kurylenko’s mysterious stranger.

opens in the UK on 10 April 2013.

For a chance to fly to the Dublin premiere (and maybe even meet Tom Cruise), check out our awesome Oblivion competition . (Competition closes on 28 March 2013)

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