SFX Issue 208

Your new-look SFX featuring a world exclusive preview of Doctor Who season six, Terry Pratchett talking Discworld on the small screen and our biggest ever reviews section.

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On sale Thursday 7 April . Regular readers note this is a day later than originally stated due to circumstances beyond our control.

Your new look SFX

After countless hours of hobnob-fuelled meetings and a winter spent as office hermits, the galaxy’s greatest science fiction and fantasy magazine has regenerated! It’s been almost six years since the last full redesign so we thought it about time for SFX to pull up it britches and step into a brave new world. It’s not just the look that’s been given a spring clean though, there’s two new columnist ( Star Wars geek extraordinaire Bonnie Burton and horror aficionado Penny Dreadful), a page dedicated to your bonkers sci-fi collections, a monthly Blastermind quiz and brand new regular features. Everything you know and love in a wider format, with new paper your fingers will find irresistible: we hope you enjoy .

World first TARDIS sound effect cover!

If there’s a problem with magazines, it’s the not-insignificant lack of sound effects to accompany your literary journey. The good news? This is a problem of the past (for one issue at least…) thanks to the world first TARDIS soundcard tucked inside issue 208. SFX : a treat for all the senses. Next month: scratch and sniff (maybe).

Look Who’s Back

To celebrate The Doctor’s imminent return to telly boxes across the globe we popped down to the big smoke to snap time-travelling trio Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill for our exclusive cover feature. There’s some words with that Steven Moffat bloke in there somewhere too.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Swashbuckler Jonny Depp returns to the role that made him a megastar, Captain Jack Sparrow, for the fourth in the Pirates franchise based on the novel by Tim Powers. Barbossa’s back and Orlando Bloom’s been thrown in Davey Jones’ Locker. There’s hope yet.

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Game Of Thrones

HBO take on epic-fantasy in the small screen adaptation of George RR Martin’s bestselling series A Song Of Fire And Ice. It’s got big swords, sex coming out of its ears and Sean Bean, what more could you need?

New and returning regular features

We have a Close Encounter with the First Avenger Chris Evans; 20 Things We Love About… Thunderbirds ; Heroes & Inspirations with Source Code director Duncan Jones; Time Machine talks The Thing with John Carpenter; and the glorious return of Couch Potato!

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Don’t miss…

Wishlist : Didn’t think we’d drop Wishlist did you? Godzilla goes city stomping as part of our new look, even bigger Post Apocalypse.

Spoiler Zone : Our monthly, spoiler packed TV section is growing too with new and exclusive cast and crew interviews, reactions from the forum, a regular column and more in-depth reviews than the average human brain can absorb in one sitting.

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Red Alert : Two words: news pipe.

  • Director Joe Wright eschew classy literary adaptations for teen assassins in the action packed Hanna . Red Alert talks to the director and stars Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan.
  • Terry Pratchett drops by SFX Towers to talk Discworld on TV. Witness the birth of the City Watch police procedural only in SFX .
  • Black Hats and Warrior monks as director Scott Stewart talks post-apocalyptic vampire flick Priest .
  • Five things you need to know about the third season of Warehouse 13 , one-on-one with Camelot ’s Tamsin Egerton and The Dossier reveals everything you need to know about Ridley Scott’s is-it-an-Alien-prequel Prometheus .

Rated : Source Code, Your Highness, Tron: Legacy, Monsters, Glen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf , Crysis 2 and many more.

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