Paradise Lost artwork online

The first concept art for Legendary Pictures’ Paradise Lost has appeared online.

The film stars Bradley Cooper as Lucifer and is based on John Milton’s poem of the same name, and follows our anti-hero Satan as he tempts Adam and Eve away from the Garden of Eden (amongst many other nefarious acts).

There’s definitely enough drama in the epic source material to give this huge blockbuster potential, but also enough for it to be a crushing disappointment if cack-handedly, erm… handled.

Alex Proyas is at the helm, and we’re hoping this one is influenced by his classic The Crow and absolutely nothing like his atrocious Knowing .

Expect an action-packed picture, with the battle between archangels Michael and Lucifer taking centre stage.

No word yet on who will play Michael, but you can expect another big name to be thrown into the ring soon .

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