PS3 version of Virtua Tennis 4 will get exclusive content

If you pick up a copy of Virtua Tennis 4 for PS3, you’ll be able to play as Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, and Pat Rafter as soon as you pop in the disc. All these characters are exclusive to the PS3 version, but that’s just the beginning, two complete party game modes are also only being delivered to the Sony platform – Pin Crusher and Net Blitz.

Pin Crusher, which has been in other Virtua Tennis titles before, is basically “tennis bowling.” Players have to serve the ball with precise aim and strength to knock over as many pins as possible on the other side of the net.

In Net Blitz, you’re encouraged to use the PlayStation Move controller. Here, you’ll be faced with a barrage of oncoming tennis balls and you must swing them across the next into various goals. Each goal is a different size, and smacking it into the smaller goal earns more points.

And finally, the last PS3 exclusive Virtua Tennis game won’t be found on the disc. Sega will be bringing a new mini-game to PlayStation Home on May 22. The company teased that it would be similar to Space Invaders. A tennis-style Space Invaders game … yeah, we can picture that. The May 22 launch date is set to correspond with the French Open. Sega will also offer an exclusive Virtual Tennis 4 personal space in Home, along with special Home items.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab)]

Mar 31, 2011

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