Valves TF2 Japan relief promotion raises $300K (and counting…)

Valve has posted a heartfelt thank you to its Team Fortress 2 community for helping it studio raise in excess of $300K in support of relief efforts in Japan through the purchases of TF2 special edition Japanese headwear.

Last week, Valve released three limited-run Japanese headgear items in its Mann Co. store, promising to donate all proceeds (minus tax) to the American Red Cross Japanese relief fund. They include the “Benefactor’s Kanmuri,” the “Humanitarian’s Hachimaki,” and the “Magnanimous Monarch.” Yesterday, Valve revealed the charity promotion has been a resounding success, writing:

“Wow. Seriously, people, WOW. We knew you had it in you, but we’re still amazed you’ve raised over $300,000 so far. Take a BOW, TF2 community — because that is an incredible, frankly astounding, amount of money from a dedicated number of gamers, to one heck of a lot of people in some real need right now.”

The message also emphasized that TF2 players are “generous and awesome,” and that the headgear is still available for sale until April 6th.

Say what you will about the odd cheater, griefer or hacker, but if we’ve learned one truth about the gaming public (and the industry in whole) in the weeks following the Japan disasters, it’s that they’re a largely bighearted bunch. That, and some just really love hats.

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Mar 30, 2011

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Valve selling special TF2 hats to aid Japan relief fund
All proceeds going to the American Red Cross

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