Jamie Foxxs horse wins role in Django Unchained


Django Unchained has an incredible cast, and part of the fun of following the movie’s progress has been keeping an eye on the various exciting and intriguing casting announcements along the way.

But there’s one performer who’s been kept under wraps, until now. Jamie Foxx’s horse, Cheetah. He’s in the film and, according to Quentin Tarantino, “He’s a big character.”

Jamie Foxx said: “I always say great projects like [Django Unchained] parallel your life.

“About four and a half years ago, I got a horse for my birthday and I started riding.

“And the next thing you know, I run into this cinematic genius, I call him, ‘Quentin Tarantino.’

“He says he has a Western and I said, “Well, I happen to have my own horse.”

“And then, what even became more magical is that I was practicing on my horse, and now my horse is actually in the movie, so my horse, Cheetah, is who I ride.

“So, like I said, great things like that happen.”

Tarantino said: “And his horse is a character in the movie. His name is Tony in the movie and he’s a big character. And that’s Jamie’s horse.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what Tony brings to the table when Django Unchained is released in UK cinemas 18 January 2013.

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