Halloween Short Story Twitter Challenge Part 2

More scary stories created by you lot, in 140 characters or fewer…

• Steady, repetitive and constant the anoying sound of water dripping brought him to the room. Only to remember there were no taps. KnaveoG

• Her blood ran hot in her veins. It warmed my hands Noel Rainford

• I looked into the eyes of evil and knew the monstrous deeds he had done. I know because I look in the mirror. Cameron McCrorie

• Behind the wheel of a white van, Charlie picks his nose so deep he tickles his right eyeball. betweenthereandhere

• I saw where my sat-nav had brought me. The killer always returns to the scene of the crime: I was lured here by a vengeful ghost. Dan Shenton

• Black mould, creeping along the wall. Its spread began after the first death – reflection of my festering, murderous soul? Dan Shenton

• “I’ve come to ravage your mortal soul,” spat the demon. “Knock yourself out,” I shrugged. “I’m Vernon Kay and I have no soul.” andywinter1

• An isolated sleeper awakes to find themselves paralysed. Blood drips profusely from their neck. Then the door unlocks. cateali cateali

• He choked me. I tweet his confession. He doesn’t know this. He sleeps. Find me. Find me. Before he wakes, please find me. tonypressley

• Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. . The clock struck twelve, his heart beat fast. Tick. Tock. Tick… The clock, like his heart, stopped. Noel Rainford

• Mr & Mrs Lee, thanks for making Monster Cookies! Don’t know what those flour/sugar things under the bed were, but kids DELICIOUS! Joy Fleisig

• Hmmm. That’s a bit odd. I’m sure there was a head there before… williamtheblood

• The heat of its putrid breath perspires on my ice cold neck, frozen to the spot I cannot escape this doom as its jaw clamps shut. Rob Powell

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• Hung so high, I can see my house from here. But I’m too far away to make them hear me. Even if I screamed. Even if I wasn’t dead. Damien Kelly

• There was something in the floor, that he knew for sure. Something red and warm and beating, that he knew was slowly eating. Zachary Carango (nice Poe-esque vibe going on there, Zach! – SFX )

• The light flickered in the attic as he reached for the hammer & nail. Looking down, he closed the box & her world went dark. Kathryn Johansen

• I saw the bullet flying directly at me. Bah, I would be fine. But my skin burnt as it pierced a hole. OH HELL a silver bullet. Haunted Hourglass

• “He’s outside. I can hear him breathing by the front door. His knife tapping on the window. He wants in…” Mathew Trask

• An eerie fog seeps out from the coffin and fills the tomb with an all-encompassing evil. The Count has dropped his guts again. 4077th

No longer resisting the temptation to look into his brother’s urn, he carefully pried the lid and saw the glass eye. It turned. Patty

• The tweets keep coming,I feel it I should reply, keep the conversations going. No one knows I’ve taken his place. Iain McNally

• Why create a Zombie virus if you’re not going to use it? You’ve got about 24 hours to say your goodbyes. If you’re lucky. Stuart Owen

• …And as he looked into the grave he noticed the rotting corpse inside was HIMSELF! Andy Robson

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