Download of the Week: Now PS3 owners can explore the twisted world of Limbo

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The phrase ‘platform exclusive’ should be read as ‘will probably come out on the other machine with extra content in the near future, maybe’ and Limbo is one such case. The much lauded platform/puzzlerhas made the leapfrom Xbox 360 to PS3with erm, one tiny piece of additional content. But regardless of the insignificant slither of new stuff, Limbo is still a must play in it’s original state. Check outDave’s feature/reviewfor further proof of why it’s ace.

The most atmospheric and affecting game of this generation thus far, and one of the most subtly clever in terms of design, Limbo is essential whether you’re passionate about the development of games as an artistic medium or just appreciate sharply-honed 2D platforming. In short, BUY IT!

Want more DLC? Check
these out…

Bastion | 360 | Price: 1200MS
A superb and beautiful looking slash ’em up that reminds us of Disgaea but without all the turn-based nonsense.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V | Steam | £10.20/$17.00
One of the finest strategy games you’ll ever play welcomesfansand newbies alike with easy to understand gameplay.

Tiny Tower | iOS | Free
Imagine Theme Park, but instead of rides you’re installingLaundromats ina tower block. CAUTION: Extremely addictive.

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