Disney confirms Star Wars: Episode VII for summer 2015

Disney chief Alan Horn took to the stage at the D23 convention this weekend, and while details concerning Star Wars: Episode VII remain thin on the ground, he did confirm that the film will definitely arrive in summer 2015.

The film has always had a “planned 2015 release date” attached, but with production not set to start until 2014, many had questioned the realism of such a target.

However, Horn announced that the release schedule remains the same, with only a specific date within that period to be decided on.

Every other Star Wars movie has been released in May, so that’s where we’d be betting our money, although in what looks to be an insanely crowded period, June is currently one of the quieter months.

Is 2015 shaping up to be the biggest in movie history? In terms of the sheer size and scale of some of the titles involved, it’s beginning to look that way…

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