Devil Survivor 2 teaser trailer is a friendly reminder that the DS still has games

Ignoring the urge to get a 3DS while holding on to your beloved DS can’t be easy, especially as virtually every publisher has left the former handheld king. Visiting the DS’s Amazon page is sad indeed, with Chess for Kids (opens in new tab) looking like one of the more important upcoming releases. Yet there’s at least one last “real” game to hang all your hopes on, as this teaser trailer for Atlus’ Devil Survivor 2 reminds the English-speaking world.

The sequel to one of our favorite DS titles (which was remade for 3DS (opens in new tab)), Devil Survivor 2 has been out in Japan since July of last year and we’re glad to see Atlus’ American branch is giving this niche game on a dying system a chance. The turn-based strategy gameplay of the original is back, this time built around a plot involving a website that predicts your death and a the silent protagonist exploring Tokyo. The release is planned for next month, though Atlus hasn’t nailed down a more specific date. And if it’s anywhere near as long as the previous Devil Survivor, at least this possibly final DS game will keep you busy for some time.

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