BioShock Infinite – New trailer introduces the beasts of America

Since the day it was announced in August of 2010, BioShock Infinite (opens in new tab) has been one of the most anticipated games in existence. However, while its release date is just four months away, developer Irrational Games has shown very little of the title this year. That changed this morning with the release of a new trailer that’s packed with gameplay over a stirring song. Watch…

An impressive trailer to be sure, and it makes a point of telling viewers that the footage is all in-engine, perhaps to countering some worries that the game has been suffering from development troubles. BioShock Infinite is still planned for its February 26, 2013 release date–originally the game was to have come out last week–and as you can see at the trailer’s end, Infinite will have some fancy collector’s editions to accompany the standard release. Are you still excited for it?

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