Infinity Blade nets Epic Games $30 million in just one year

After having such a huge impact on mobile gaming, you might forget that the monster hit Infinity Blade has only been around since early December of 2010. In the year since then it’s been one of the biggest downloadable games on iOS devices, and Epic Games with developer Chair title already had a critically acclaimed sequel too. If you need something more concrete to tell you Infinity Blade is huge, Epic recently announced that in the year or so since it came into existence, the franchise has made a staggering $30 million.

For all its accolades, and thanks in no small part to Epic’s continued support and updates to the original app, it’s not shocking the first Infinity Blade takes up most of that huge pile of money, but that’s not all. Infinity Blade II racked $5 million of that total in just a few weeks (it took the first game months to do that), as the deeper experience garnered even more acclaim for its graphics and gameplay. Add to that an expansion to the first game and an arcade edition (opens in new tab), and we’re shocked it didn’t make more. Perhaps other big publishers out there can take this as a lesson that iOS games with real budgets can really pay off.

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