Cave Story 3D Full Access Preview

We’re tired of hearing people say that there’s nothing to play on the 3DS. Sure, it doesn’t have the robust library of the original DS, but it’s a new console, and it’s going through some growing pains. But that’s the thing with growing pains – once they’re over, you’re bigger, and the 3DS’s library is no different. Next month, Cave Story 3D is coming out on the system, and it looks like it has the capacity to be the best version yet. We recently sat down with Jack Niida from NIS America and took a tour through one of the game’s earlier levels, checking out the popular indie platformer’s first retail release.

While die-hard fans are sure to cry foul of every little change to the game, we couldn’t help but smile as we saw the same Cave Story we loved for PC and WiiWare re-imagined as a full-fledged 3D game. If you’re really that upset by the new 3D graphics you can just lower the 3D slider and turn on the other mode, which flattens out the characters to meet purists somewhere in the middle. We think we’re going to play it with the new visuals, though. They might be different, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily worse. It’s just… different. Different is the right word.

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