Being Human “The War Child” Spoiler-Free Preview

1. Rather like the concluding episode of series three, the final episode of season four isn’t quite as amazing as the one that preceded it. But it’s still pretty awesome.

2. Mark Gatiss is sublime as the softly-spoken, unblinking leader of the Old Ones, Mr Snow, who has a wonderfully grandiloquent turn of phrase.

3. It’s also probably the goriest Being Human yet. One particularly gruesome scene managed to remind us of both Hellraiser and Nightmare On Elm Street simultaneously.

4. Mr Snow clearly watches Columbo .

5. Religious hopes are crushed.

6. Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Leonardo da Vinci are homaged.

7. Tom’s swimming pool plan comes to fruition.

8. A plan goes awry… but why? The domestic staff are responsible.

9. Tom cracks probably the best football-related joke we’ve ever heard.

10. Ew! A vampire does something incredibly gross.

11. You may find yourself punching the air at one use of the F-word.

12. If Mr Smith had a dry-cleaning accident…

13. Everything’s on the checklist – absolutely everything .

14. Hal gets into bondage.

Ian Berriman

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