Mass Effect 3 walkthrough

The Reapers have invaded and it is up to Commander Sheppard to gather the galaxy’s forces to stop them. With the massive branching storyline that encompasses the events and choices of the first two games and characters who may or may not have been vaporized by a nuclear bomb it may be intimidating going into the next game knowing the fate of the galaxy lies in your choices. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy walkthrough to guide you through the entire game.

This walkthrough is a work in progress. Be sure to check back regularly and take a look at our Mass Effect 3 guides at the bottom of this page.


Chapter One: Mars

Chapter Two: Palaven

Chapter Three: Sur’Kesh

Chapter Four: Tuchanka

Chapter Five: The Citadel

Chapter Six: Perseus Veil

Chapter Seven: Rannoch

Chapter Eight: Thessia

Chapter Nine: Horizon

Chapter Ten: Cerberus Headquarters

Chapter Eleven: Earth

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