30 Minutes Or Less gets another funny red band trailer

30 Minutes Or Less recently debuted a red band trailer, but apparently one just wasn’t enough to showcase the movie’s foul-mouthed funniness.

Impressively, this new trailer features a whole load of new material, rather than just rechopping earlier footage.

30 Minutes Or Less
is Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer’s sophomore feature. Fleischer’s Zombieland cohort Jesse Eisenberg stars as hapless pizza delivery boy Nick, who’s tricked into robbing a bank for two trailer park goons.

Aziz Ansari co-stars as Nick’s best bud, and Danny McBride is also on board as the crook with the get-rich-quick scheme.

From the evidence below, it appears that Fleischer has pulled off the neat trick of recreating Zombieland ‘s mix of genuinely laugh-out-loud gags and smart action set-pieces in another intriguing genre shake-up.

Those not easily offended should get watching the trailer immediately:

30 Minutes Or Less opens on 7 October 2011.

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