Apex Legends Legacy trailer teases a venture “beyond battle royale”

Apex Legends is ready to “go beyond battle royale” with a new trailer for its Legacy update.

You can check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming Legacy update for Apex Legends below. We can see newcomer Valkyrie swooping around the battlefield in the new trailer, raining down destruction from above, before the tagline “go beyond battle royale” appears at the very end of the segment.

It’s an exciting prospect for Apex Legends players. The game moving beyond the standard battle royale formula is something that’s been talked up by Respawn Entertainment developers in the past, and it looks like we’re finally going to see this materialize with the forthcoming update.

The teaser trailer above is little more than just a countdown trailer for the true reveal of the Legacy update. As the trailer showcases, the gameplay unveiling for Legacy is taking place on April 26, so we’ll have to tune in to Respawn’s social channels then to find out the true nature of the update.

However, we know for sure that Valkyrie will be joining the Apex Games with the new Legacy update. It turns out that Valkyrie is actually the daughter of Viper, an antagonist from Titanfall 2 that main character Jack Cooper slew in the events of the game’s campaign. Valkyrie is also a Titan pilot like her father, and her debut trailer last week featured the reappearance of Blisk, the primary antagonist from Titanfall 2.

Right now, we don’t actually know what skills Valkyrie will bring to Apex Legends when she joins the game on May 4. She looks set to be a pretty offensively-focused character from the teaser trailer above, and perhaps those rockets of hers will function as her Ultimate ability. Previously, Apex Legends dataminers actually uncovered evidence of a character that had the ability to call down a Titan to the battlefield temporarily. Could this be one of Valkyrie’s abilities?

Additionally, developer Respawn has also been teasing a new map for Apex Legends. Last week, when announcing the game had surpassed 100 million lifetime downloads, Respawn sent out a teased image that many believe is the first signs of a new map. We could be seeing a lot more than just Valkyrie in the forthcoming Legacy update.

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