Spider-Man movies look set to reach Disney Plus after “unprecedented” Sony-Disney deal

It’s long been a nagging hole in the Disney Plus library – but the Spider-Man movies could finally be swinging onto the streamer.

That’s thanks to an “unprecedented” deal struck between Sony and Disney, one that allows the former’s properties to stream on the likes of Hulu and Disney Plus.

The arrangement, which Deadline (opens in new tab) reports to be worth north of $3 billion, will have “enormous programming potential across its platforms,” as per the press release.

Marketspeak aside, what does that mean for the day-to-day viewer? In future, Sam’s Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, the two Amazing Spider-Man movies, and Tom Holland’s Homecoming and Far From Home Marvel entries will be available to watch on Disney Plus. Not only does that almost complete the MCU (with The Incredible Hulk the only one held back by rights), but it means Spidey’s home now rests on Disney Plus for the foreseeable future.

That will even include, eventually, Spider-Man: No Way Home. As part of the deal, movie releases from 2022 to 2026 will be eligible to stream on Disney’s services after the 18-month window from Sony’s own deal with Netflix expires. Expect a mid-2023 Disney Plus release for Spider-Man 3 if that’s the case.

So, the likes of the Uncharted movie and Morbius can soon follow suit – and expands Disney’s already impressive library. Other Sony franchises, such as Jumanji, will also end up on Disney’s platforms.

For Marvel fans, though, this is a small step to bringing together what was once the odd-one-out in the franchise back to the table. If nothing else, it’ll make marathoning the MCU that much easier.

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