Stranger Things theory believes Eleven’s ‘lost sister’ from season 2 will help her defeat Vecna

If Stranger Things season 4 left you wondering whatever happened to that other ‘number’ with psychic abilities that we briefly met in season 2…you’re not alone.

Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 ahead!

Since a single Eleven, the four-time champion of saving the world with powers so strong she accidently opened the Upside Down, was ultimately unable to defeat Vecna – what about two Elevens?

Season 2 introduced us to Kali Prasad aka 008 aka ‘The Lost Sister.’ Much like Eleven, Kali also managed to escape from Hawkins National Laboratory. (Though we’re not quite sure how she survived the massacre at Hawkins lab that left nearly everyone dead.) Eleven finds Kali via remote viewing, and ends up at the Chicago warehouse where Kali and her gang of punks lay low and plot their next move for revenge. The two show each other their forearm tattoos and, in a sweet moment, declare each other as ‘sisters.’ We quickly learn that while she also has psychic abilities, hers differ from Eleven’s. 

Kali can create a hologram of herself or someone else and can manipulate the mind to experience hyperrealistic events that no one else can see. This is displayed in a few different ways: when a cop is chasing her and the gang, she distracts him by making him witness a bridge collapse; after gang member Axel threatens Eleven; Kali causes dozens of little spiders to crawl out from under his sleeve; before her and Eleven part ways, she creates a beautiful butterfly as a gift to her ‘sister.’

Is there anyone else in the world of Stranger Things who has the power to construct hyperrealistic events that no one else can see and create the hologram of a person who isn’t actually there? Oh yeah, Vecna.

A TikTok (opens in new tab) from user hus5pie theorizes that the Duffer brothers have subtly confirmed that we will indeed be seeing Kali again. The video shows the season 4, volume 2 scene in which Vecna (then 001/Henry) uses his manipulation abilities in order to make hundreds of little spiders crawl out of the drain and scare his mother. It then cuts to the scene from season 2 when Kali makes the spiders crawl all over Axel’s arm. The spiders are the exact same, they move the same way, and they disappear as quickly as they came. While this could just be a simple season 2 reference, the theory poses that the comparing and contrasting of Kali and Vecna implies that, because they share the same powers, Kali may just be the only one who can stop Vecna. 

Another TikTok, from user letsbuildaspaceship, theorized that if Vecna was going to be defeated (as opposed to simply retreating into the shadows of the Upside Down after being burnt), there could only be one way: The combination of Eleven and Kali’s powers makes them an even match for Vecna – who’s only been getting stronger over time.

Though 008 doesn’t swoop in to save the day at the end of season 4, volume 2, the fight is far from over. The gates are open, the Upside Down has leaked into Hawkins, and while Vecna is badly hurt, he’s still alive and still out for blood. The town is on fire, black clouds are raining down red lightning, and all of the flora is starting to die. How do Eleven and her friends fix this, especially with the possibility of another, even scarier villain heading their way? We’re not exactly sure, but Kali might be the only solution.

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