Why were loving the new StreetPass Quest II (and its not just because of all the new hats)

Nintendo has updated the 3DS firmware, bringing us a whole slew of fun – and free – new content. It’s a good thing too – we finished the original StreetPass Quest in a matter of days first time round, thanks to our privileged position of having many other 3DS owners around us in the office. But thanks to the new ability to rehire previously met adventurers and our stash of 300 Play Coins (from having nothing to spend them on), we’ve managed to see almost all of the first run through the new map. So here’s everything you need to know about the rather excellent StreetPass Quest II.

It’s been expanded, big time.

For starters, the story now needs you to save not one, but THREE members of your royal family. Brilliantly, they’re all basically your existing Mii in a wig, including any facial hair. Oh good lord…

Above: That’s princess Towell on the right, complete with goatee. Buy her 2012 calendar, folks

There are 74 hats now?!

It’s true – there are loads more hats to collect, adding to your previous wardrobe from teh original StreetPass Quest. In our first play through StreetPass Quest 2 so far, we’ve unlocked a Ninja hat, Top hat (awesome), Epona hat (even more awesome) and a Yoshi hat, as well as a floral one and and Arwing. What further delights await? We can’t wait to find out!

Above: Brand spanking new Yoshi, Top Hat, Ninja, Floral and Arwing headwear for your Mii

Alternative routes?

There’s proper replay value too, after the first game’s rather cheap ‘do it all again’ endgame. The map splits at several intervals and we even happened across a locked cave – presumably we’ll get the key for that one when we’ve beaten the main quest.

Above: The route to the end may not be longer, but there are more (and better-looking) enemies to fight along the way

Team up!

We all remember the nightmare scenario of facing a ghost while wearing the wrong colour T-shirt. Rookie mistake. Well, this time you can combine colours to team up. Some dungeons have powerful spells cast on them, like poison gas or fire, which can only be defeated by two heroes of the same colour using their magic simultaneously. Two Miis of closely-related colours (such as red and orange or red and purple, both close together on the colour circle) can combine their powers and levels for a joint attack. It’s terrific fun.

Above: Black and white magic combined can break the black/white shield. Not a penguin

Play Coins are the real king

You can rehire old StreetPass heores as many times as you like in one day, provided you have enough Play Coind. Level 7 Miis cost 9 Play Coins, but lower levels cost about 4. This also seems to extend to Miis you’ve met online (in Mario Kart, for example), although these random people are unlikely to be levelled up enough to pose any serious threat to the mummies and monsters that you’ll encounter. Ah, but they ARE wearing different colour T-shirts – often enough to combine with your favourite Miis and do some real damage.

Above: “Hired thugs. Excellent.” As Alan Rickman would no doubt say

You can also buy potions, some of which are necessary to beat magic that’s filling the air, but also to call back Miis that have already had their turn. So you could send in a lonely Level 1 Mii and then get two goes with a Level 7. Win.

Above: Even better, potions are delivered by a cute bunny. Worth the Play Coins alone, eh?

So that’s that, so far. After one day and 300 Play Coins, we’re on the penultimate room already on our first run-through. We’ll let you know if we get any incredible hats (keep watching our Facebook (opens in new tab) page), and let us know if you get to the end first. There must be something awesome waiting at the end, even if it does mean freeing this idiot:

Above: Honestly, this man does not represent me and I demand my own solicitor

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