Zoe Saldana updates on Guardians Of The Galaxy: video interview

We recently caught up with Zoe Saldana to chat Star Trek Into Darkness , and couldn’t resist asking her about the role she landed in Marvel’s sci-fi epic, Guardians Of The Galaxy ).

Dominating the market when it comes to kick-ass sci-fi ladies (she’s already got Trek ’s Uhura and Avatar ’s Neytiri under her belt), Saldana has been cast as Gamora, a green-skinned, last-of-her-species alien who forms part of the titular team.

Saldana was relatively tight-lipped on the project when we met in London, having “just signed on”, but she’ll be back in these shores in a matter of weeks to start shooting.

Intriguingly, she also confirmed that she’ll become Gamora through the magic of make-up (as opposed to CGI, or performance capture), meaning Guardians could be a little more grounded than some might have suspected (after all, Marvel Studio’s President of Production Kevin Feige has promised that the film won’t run into Green Lantern -esque pitfalls ).

Watch the video below for Saldana’s full reponse:

Guardians Of The Galaxy opens in the UK in August 2014. Meanwhile, you can catch Saldana in Star Trek Into Darkness from 9 May 2013.

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