Vote now in the 2011 Golden Joystick Awards!

The GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards are the world’s longest established videogame gongs.

Now in their 29th year, the GJs celebrate the year’s finest computer and videogames, as voted for by people like YOU.

Real people.

People who aren’t part of the videogames industry.

Unless you are actually a part of the videogames industry. Well, you can still vote…

What we mean is that the winners are based on a public vote rather than some kind of sterile industry standard…

Look, just vote now okay? Even if you only enjoy the occasional faff about with Cut The Rope on your iPhone.

Vote for the event’s key award, The Ultimate Game Of The Year , here . (LA Noire for us. It’s flawed, yeah, but it’s one of the few games on the list that’s trying to do something new).

Vote for the ‘One To Watch’ game here . (We went for Uncharted 3).

Aaaaand have a look at the video below for inspiration…

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