Genius madman blasts the unholy crap out of real-life Rage mutant with real-life Rage guns

We’re quite big fans of FPS Russia’s YouTube channel here at Radar. If you’re not familiar with it, the conceit is that a delightfully crazy man identifying himself as Professional Russian (who may or may not actually be Russian) gets his hands on a ludicrous number of ludicrous, real-life guns and tests them out for his and your amusement. It’s must-see viewing for anyone who’s ever enjoyed an FPS, and as an extra-specially-exciting bonus, his latest video is a themed special based around the enemies and weapons of id Software’s rather bloody stunning looking Rage.

One full-size Rage mutant, one full-size rapid-fire, mag-loading shotgun, one full-size assault rifle, one full-size EXPLODING-GODDAMN-CROSSBOW. That’s what you get here, and hilarity, it doth inevitably ensue.

September 01, 2011

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