This GTA Online stunt shows the best way to board the yacht is with a massive stunt jump

Check out this GTA Online player making an incredible jump with their car to land on their yacht out at sea.

GTA V is no stranger to epic jumps and while there are plenty of official stunt jumps littered around the map, none of the stunt jumps that Rockstar put into the game even come close to this death-defying jump by Redditor TheRealMurda10k (opens in new tab).

There was a little bit of setup required for this amazing stunt, which you can see as you watch the video. Obviously the yacht had to be maneuvered into position for this stunt, but TheRealMurda10k also had to set up a ramp truck to make the leap too. The ramp truck is then held in place by an ambulance which serves as an anchor. Finally, our stuntman needed most of the length of the runway to build up the speed required. All in all, it’s an incredible feat.

Like most great things in GTA V and GTA Online, this all happened down at the Los Santos International Airport, and you can attempt it for yourself. All you’ll need is the $6,000,000 required to buy the cheapest yacht available, another $25,000 to pay the captain to move it into position, and $1,000,000 to purchase the Adder, one of GTA Online’s fastest cars. 

After that? Well, see if you can land one of the most audacious stunts we’ve ever seen in GTA Online. 

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