Best Warzone Swiss K31 loadouts – a fast, lightweight rifle for aggressive players

The best Warzone Swiss K31 loadouts make the most of the new Swiss sniper rifle. On the face of things it looks like a potential alternative to the always dependable Kar98k. Trouble is the Swiss K31 stats lower in almost every category, making the Swiss sniper option tough to definitively recommend over the Kar98ks. It’s not a bad gun by any means, though, so if you want to give it a try we’ve got the best Warzone Swiss K31 loadouts here so you can get the maximum potential from it. 

With the Swiss sniper being a new ish weapon a lot of player are probably going to be trying it out to see if it click with them. Because of that we’ve created this guide to showcase the best Swiss K31 loadout options in Warzone. Obviously it’s a sniper rifle so there’s not a ton of variety – it is all about the range, after all – but there are a few ways to tweak a build depending on your playstyle. These are the best Warzone Swiss K31 loadout options.

Warzone best Swiss K31 loadout for aggressive players

best Warzone Swiss K31 loadouts

(Image credit: Activision )
  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Optic: Royal & Kross 4x
  • Stock: Raider Pad
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Rear Grip: Serpent Wrap

Since the Swiss K31 is supposed to rival the Kar98k, it’s built to be used in fast-paced engagements. If you’re an aggressive sniper, you’ll want as much speed as possible, whether it’s fast ADS times, or a lightweight rifle that allows you to move around quickly. 

For the aggressive build, you’ll want to use the GRU Suppressor to stay off the minimap when firing, but also to improve your recoil control, bullet velocity, and effective damage range. This will slightly impact your ADS speeds, but is worth it for all of the benefits it offers. If you find it to be too slow, you can swap to the standard Sound Moderator to remain suppressed, while preserving ADS.

Follow that up with the Royal & Kross 4x for a huge boost to ADS speeds with this Swiss K31 loadout. This is key when pulling off those fast snipes. If you’re playing on Rebirth Island, you can even get away with switching to the 3x optic. After that, go with the Raider Pad Stock for faster ADS speeds, faster aim walking movement speeds, and sprint to fire time.

We then recommend to go with the Bruiser Grip Underbarrel for higher movement speeds and aiming stability – again, to make you more agile as you challenge enemies. Finally, equip the Serpent Wrap for faster ADS speeds (at the expense of sprint to fire time, which is a non-issue unless you’re no-scoping).

This Swiss K31 loadout isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a player who never stops moving and challenging your opponents, you’ll likely find this loadout useful, especially at medium range.

Warzone best Swiss K31 loadout all-around

best Warzone Swiss K31 loadouts

(Image credit: Activision )
  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 24.9” Combat Recon
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Ammunition: 7 Rnd
  • Rear Grip: Serpent Wrap

For a more well-rounded Swiss K31 loadout, stick with the GRU Suppressor Muzzle for the reasons stated above. This will help when pulling off those longer range snipes. Then, go with the 24.9” Combat Recon Barrel for improved bullet velocity, to decrease how much you need to lead your shot. Bullet velocity is especially important when sniping, so always keep it in mind when building your weapon. After that, we advise utilizing the Bruiser Grip – once again for faster movement, which is always a useful perk.

Follow that up with the 7 Rnd Ammunition type. It comes with five shots by default, which is usable, but most players will likely prefer having more. You can even increase it to 9 shots, though that does penalize your ADS speeds significantly. If you think 5 rounds is enough, then swap the Ammunition attachment for something else in this Swiss K31 loadout – preferably something that will improve ADS speeds.

Speaking of ADS speeds, finish off the weapon by adding the Serpent Wrap Rear Grip, for improved ADS times. This is key for out-sniping your opponents and will usually give you the upper hand. The nice thing about this build is that you can use the default scope with few issues. It’s completely effective and allows you to save a precious attachment slot.

Overall, this is a fun weapon to use, but most Swiss K31 loadouts won’t outclass the Kar98k like many players had hoped. Nonetheless, it holds its own and can be built to be used for aggressive plays, or more slow, deliberate encounters.

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