The Weeks Best Movie Virals, Memes & Gifs

The internet is a huge, bewildering and often nonsensical place.

So Total FIlm ‘s here to give you a weekly round-up of the funniest, most fascinating and hottest movie internet news.

And by internet news, we mean meme-y, video-y and gif-y related amazingness.

Disney Face Swap

Say goodbye to your childhood.

Or at least prepare to have it severely warped.

From Up to Aladdin and seemingly every Disney film in between, there’s one Tumblr dedicated to the art of the photoshop face swap.

(Via Tumblr )

Real Life Iron Man Laser Gauntlets

Excuse us while we explode just a little.

An amazingly nerdy genius has designed and built a fully functioning Iron Man Laser Gauntlet – and one with the laser strength to burst a balloon!

Ok, that sounds cooler after you’ve seen it.

Awesome Inception Gif is Awesome

Just when you thought Inception couldn’t get any more mesmerising, we bring you this very nifty animated poster.

Get past the illiteracy (LEONARD DiCaprio, anyone?), and it’s pretty much perfect.

(Via Imgur )

Bonkers Concept Art

Unless you’re a coffee book aficionado or the most die-hardiest of franchise fans, it’s unlikely that you’ve seen much concept art.

Luckily, one Imgur has collated over 30 of the weirdest and most baffling images to show the often bumpy road from idea to reality.

Trust us, you’ve never seen The Amazing Spider-Man , Twilight or Aladdin until you’ve seen their original character designs…..

(Via Imgur )

Best. Church. Ever .

And the award for coolest monks of all time goes to…..

The Chapelle de Bathléem in North France may date back to ye olde medieval days, but a late 20th century restoration added a few notable design quirks.

Aliens and Gremlins get a look in, with stunning gargoyles offering some awesomely nerdy Easter Eggs for movie fans to admire.

(Via Uproxx )

Nicolas Cage Thor

We’re not entirely sure where this came from, whether it’s a genuine comic frame or some photoshop genius, but really, it doesn’t matter.

(Via Imgur )

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