TalkRadar 157 – The Pre-E3 blues



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By next week, these rumors had better be reality

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E3 is still shrouded in mystery, but here’s what we know we want to see

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Set your alarm. Clear your diary. It’s the biggest event of the year

QOTW:E3 planning and other commitments killed our ability to do QOTW this time around, and to be honest, we wouldn’t be able to read the responses next week anyway. But this feature will return when things quiet down again, promise!

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In the

Above: Quiet on the set!

Above: Man, everyone’s getting fancy this week

Above: Everyone got to enjoy a little make-up

Above: We call this series “Smoking With The Stars”

In the

Above: Most of our artists were focused on their love for the Wilde Man. This was from 4fromK

Above: ChrisCultista

Above: HankVenture

Above: Bladdercat

Above: MrSuitMan

Above: Batman5273

Post date: June 3, 2011
T-Dar156 length: 1:32:30
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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