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Everything you need to ace every interrogation, find every paper and become Shamus to the Stars

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50 film noir classics and 30 old-Hollywood sights are yours for the taking. Here’s where to find them

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Can Codemasters break its run of 9/10 racing games and nail that perfect 10?

QOTW:What’s your most remembered in-game death (opens in new tab)?
We’ve had to say goodbye too often lately, making the TDar crew a little morbid at the moment. With our thoughts a littlefocused on death and farewells, we wondered whatdeath of a game character is most memorable to you guys? Let us know and just maybewe’ll read your responses on TDar 157!

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In the

Above: Chris and Tyler read over secret things

Above: While stuck in a layover, one editor gets a look at American Airlines’ shit

Above: Don’t you want to be this sexy?

In the

From Top to Bottom: Ballercat, Grabboids and MrSuitMan got into the Macho tributes

Above: Meanwhile everyone got in the rapture/rapeture spirit (From the top down: MyNameisMyName, bladdercat, elpurplemonkey, kYnl3, mooshon, and ninjadevbear)

Above: MrSuitMan recreates the morning antics of WJOD

Above: Bladdercat AGAIN with an astoundingly good FLCL-inspired image

Above: Hankventure knows just how to appeal to us

Above: Elpurplemonkey channels one of the most divisive games in TDar history

Above: As did the never-miss Batman 5273

Above: Chriscultista recreates Brett’s high school memories

Above:And lastly, 4fromK recreates the cruelest Mr. Show reference of all time

Post date: May 27, 2011
T-Dar156 length: 1:38:30
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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