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12 evil copies of video game do-gooders

Mirror, mirror, on the wall Hey there, super villain. Annoying hero got you down? Are the forces of good messing up your nefarious plans for world domination? Are your special moves and powerful attacks mere putty in their heroic hands? Don’t worry, because I have the solution for you! The …

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Ocarina of Time video: Shadow Temple FAP

After trudging through the Water Temple a week or so ago, we’re finally ready to hop back into Hyrule and tackle the Shadow Temple, the dankest, dingiest and all around creepiest dungeon in the game. Once again I’m playing (and responding to these scandalous allegations that I’m not a very …

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Ocarina of Time video: Fire Temple FAP

Grab your heat-resistant red tunic and join us for the fifth video in our Ocarina FAP series. Carolyn, Henry and Mike watch Brett hoof it through a surprisingly straightforward dungeon with a serious handicap – a bizarre half-second delay that makes precise aiming and platforming nearly impossible. We get it …

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